My philosophy is that play breeds creativity and helps master the skills I need to create awesome projects.

Here are a few of the activities I get up to in my down time:


I have a love for the mountains and a love of snowboarding. It is the thing I enjoy doing most in the world. I got married on top of a mountain in Colorado, USA.

There is also a high amount of progression involved, learning to get up and try it again is a valuable thing to have in your arsenal but knowing when to quit and try something new is even greater.

Xscape - Castleford


I was introduced by my wife to bouldering a few years back and it has become one of our favorite pass times. I enjoy the element of problem solving that bouldering brings whilst still keeping you fit.

The Depot - Leeds


Again this is something my wife Claire and I love to do. As with bouldering it has an element of problem solving but also trust and team work which is valuable not only in marriage but also in my career.

The Leeds Wall


My friends and I love this, its a great way to blow off steam and forget about the daily grind. The mix of competition and adrenalin is totally intoxicating.

Teamsport - Leeds